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Mon Oct 26 15:17:38 CET 2020

dear members,
                             I am a stock trader. I am using R for my research.

I want to service my laptop, wherein resides all my R code, which, for obvious reasons, has to be secured. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

I cannot encrypt the R data by Bitdefender, as it encrypts the entire drive. I anyway need to give the key when the system, if at all, gets locked when servicing.

My cousin suggested backing up the data and deleting that data in the laptop when giving it for servicing. How do you back up the R data? What is the file name that contains all the workspace in windows 7? .RHistory only contains the previous commands. Can I delete only all the data/code without deleting the R GUI? The extreme option would be to delete the whole of installed R GUI, after backing up the workspace. Some other way to secure the data/code?

I've tried using Backup and sync by google, but that is very cumbersome.

Please help.

thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

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