[R] Package recommendations for outputting table with cell formatting

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Sat Oct 24 03:36:52 CEST 2020

I would go straight to Word using flextable (table layout) and officer (Word-specific formatting) within an rmarkdown document (e.g. bookdown:: word_document2 to manage overall structure and generate captions). Officer without rmarkdown may be able to generate true Word captions with bookmarks to cross-reference, but it is more tedious to set up than rmarkdown.

On October 23, 2020 5:28:26 PM PDT, Dennis Fisher <fisher using plessthan.com> wrote:
>R 4.0.2
>I have the unfortunate need to create a large number of tables
>(destined for a Word document).  I need to color cells depending on the
>contents, e.g., blue if the value is < 0.5, red if the value is > 1.5. 
>If the output went initially to Excel, that would work; outputting
>directly to Word would be even better.
>I expect that several packages can accomplish this.  I am looking for
>recommendations as to which package (or combination) of packages is
>best to accomplish this.
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