[R] Call to R.exe in a Script fails since the upgrade from R 3.6.1 to R 4.0.2

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Fri Oct 16 07:51:25 CEST 2020

Dear R Community,  
I call R from within a software called “IDEA” ([www.casewareanalytics.com](http://www.casewareanalytics.com)). This language uses its own scripting language, but it is very similar to Visual Basic. The basic call is as shown below:  

R_Command is a string of the form (the Chr(34) creates a double quote):
In my file “script.R”, I then start everything by:
This has worked perfectly up to R 3.6.1. But since I migrated to R 4.0.2, this command does not create the “log.txt” anymore. The script runs, it finds the arguments in the file “nga_config.R”, generates the output data, but then does not write the log.txt. However, when I run this R_command on the command line in Windows, all works fine: the log.txt is created. So the syntax is correct.
In the R windows FAQ, i see this:  
### 2.12 Can I use `R CMD BATCH`?  

Yes: use `R CMD BATCH --help` or `?BATCH` for full details.  

You can also set up a batch file using `Rterm.exe`. A sample batch file might contain (as one line)  

I tried this, but I have the same issue: the output file ("log.txt") is not crated. Also, choosing R.exe and Rterm.exe has no impact.  
Do you know whether something has changed in R 4.* that could cause this issue?  
Thanks for your help. Happy to do a Skype/Teams/Zoom session anytime!  
Best regards  
Marcel Baumgartner  

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