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Peter Dalgaard pd@|gd @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sat Oct 10 10:11:50 CEST 2020

The build system rolled up R-4.0.3.tar.gz (codename "Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out") this morning.

The list below details the changes in this release.

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Binaries for various platforms will appear in due course.

For the R Core Team,

Peter Dalgaard

These are the checksums (md5 and SHA-256) for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

MD5 (AUTHORS) = b9c44f9f78cab3184ad9898bebc854b4
MD5 (COPYING) = eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a
MD5 (COPYING.LIB) = a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343
MD5 (FAQ) = 5be656453b81e9393e2a0c42688b04b8
MD5 (INSTALL) = 7893f754308ca31f1ccf62055090ad7b
MD5 (NEWS) = 71728ef32a09c5b9df36b496b52d5c8e
MD5 (NEWS.0) = bfcd7c147251b5474d96848c6f57e5a8
MD5 (NEWS.1) = eb78c4d053ec9c32b815cf0c2ebea801
MD5 (NEWS.2) = 496062c138e2def06cebccddfb814ac6
MD5 (NEWS.3) = 012e7f4a80cc8ec947bf3f0ff6117ec8
MD5 (R-latest.tar.gz) = 8ecf46afa36c9aff9904aad5ca422c6d
MD5 (README) = f468f281c919665e276a1b691decbbe6
MD5 (RESOURCES) = 529223fd3ffef95731d0a87353108435
MD5 (THANKS) = 251d20510bfc3cc93b82c5a99f7efcc6
MD5 (VERSION-INFO.dcf) = bfbcfb2f4ef4416b635087160f965904
MD5 (R-4/R-4.0.3.tar.gz) = 8ecf46afa36c9aff9904aad5ca422c6d

2cde824a7b18958e5f06b391c801c8288be0f84fa8934b7ddefef23c67e60c09  AUTHORS
e6d6a009505e345fe949e1310334fcb0747f28dae2856759de102ab66b722cb4  COPYING
6095e9ffa777dd22839f7801aa845b31c9ed07f3d6bf8a26dc5d2dec8ccc0ef3  COPYING.LIB
4390543804392e072378b2d75cd3fb0d57e9885f9dc38ddd5a2ff780487b9d97  FAQ
f87461be6cbaecc4dce44ac58e5bd52364b0491ccdadaf846cb9b452e9550f31  INSTALL
895ba3f810fd33d3be63deb6c4588be1f7ba3f5bf80e10ffeafc194221dd5ba9  NEWS
4e21b62f515b749f80997063fceab626d7258c7d650e81a662ba8e0640f12f62  NEWS.0
12b30c724117b1b2b11484673906a6dcd48a361f69fc420b36194f9218692d01  NEWS.1
e80de410c77f05ff2012fa70051b89119845f734a7fa5c55857e61e4ed7d5f6e  NEWS.2
7201d139947afa52b5e09d26dc01445edf444506264355b2185122bc1ed3dce0  NEWS.3
09983a8a78d5fb6bc45d27b1c55f9ba5265f78fa54a55c13ae691f87c5bb9e0d  R-latest.tar.gz
2fdd3e90f23f32692d4b3a0c0452f2c219a10882033d1774f8cadf25886c3ddc  README
408737572ecc6e1135fdb2cf7a9dbb1a6cb27967c757f1771b8c39d1fd2f1ab9  RESOURCES
c9c7cb32308b4e560a22c858819ade9de524a602abd4e92d1c328c89f8037d73  THANKS
cd9666c09064b120655598c1ac792266ad20adb57c36aab4d094dedc7e480fa6  VERSION-INFO.dcf
09983a8a78d5fb6bc45d27b1c55f9ba5265f78fa54a55c13ae691f87c5bb9e0d  R-4/R-4.0.3.tar.gz

This is the relevant part of the NEWS file



    * On platforms using configure option --with-internal-tzcode,
      additional values "internal" and (on macOS only) "macOS" are
      accepted for the environment variable TZDIR.  (See ?TZDIR.)

      On macOS, "macOS" is used by default if the system timezone
      database is a newer version than that in the R installation.

    * When install.packages(type = "source") fails to find a package in
      a repository it mentions package versions which are excluded by
      their R version requirement and links to hints on why a package
      might not be found.

    * The default value for options("timeout") can be set from
      enviromnent variable R_DEFAULT_INTERNET_TIMEOUT, still defaulting
      to 60 (seconds) if that is not set or invalid.

      This may be needed when child R processes are doing downloads,
      for example during the installation of source packages which
      download jars or other forms of data.


    * There is now support for parallelized Link-Time Optimization
      (LTO) with GCC and for 'thin' LTO with clang _via_ setting the
      LTO macro.

    * There is support for setting a different LTO flag for the Fortran
      compiler, including to empty when mixing clang and gfortran (as
      on macOS).  See file config.site.

    * There is a new LTO_LD macro to set linker options for LTO
      compilation, for example to select an alternative linker or to
      parallelize thin LTO.


    * The LINPACK argument to chol.default(), chol2inv(),
      solve.default() and svd() has been defunct since R 3.1.0.  Using
      it now gives a warning which will become an error in R 4.1.0.


    * The code mitigating stack overflow with PCRE regexps on very long
      strings is enabled for PCRE2 < 10.30 also when JIT is enabled,
      since stack overflows have been seen in that case.

    * Fix to correctly show the group labels in dotchart() (which where
      lost in the ylab improvement for R 4.0.0).

    * addmargins(*, ..) now also works when fn() is a local function,
      thanks to bug report and patch PR#17124 from Alex Bertram.

    * rank(x) and hence sort(x) now work when x is an object (as per
      is.object(x)) of type "raw" _and_ provides a valid `[` method,
      e.g., for gmp::as.bigz(.) numbers.

    * chisq.test(*, simulate.p.value=TRUE) and r2dtable() now work
      correctly for large table entries (in the millions).  Reported by
      Sebastian Meyer and investigated by more helpers in PR#16184.

    * Low-level socket read/write operations have been fixed to
      correctly signal communication errors. Previously, such errors
      could lead to a segfault due to invalid memory access. Reported
      and debugged by Dmitriy Selivanov in PR#17850.

    * quantile(x, pr) works more consistently for pr values slightly
      outside [0,1], thanks to Suharto Anggono's PR#17891.

      Further, quantile(x, prN, names=FALSE) now works even when prN
      contains NAs, thanks to Anggono's PR#17892.  Ditto for ordered
      factors or Date objects when type = 1 or 3, thanks to PR#17899.

    * Libcurl-based internet access, including curlGetHeaders(), was
      not respecting the "timeout" option.  If this causes
      unanticipated timeouts, consider increasing the default by

    * as.Date(<char>) now also works with an initial "", thanks to
      Michael Chirico's PR#17909.

    * isS3stdGeneric(f) now detects an S3 generic also when it it is
      trace()d, thanks to Gabe Becker's PR#17917.

    * R_allocLD() has been fixed to return memory aligned for long
      double type PR#16534.

    * fisher.test() no longer segfaults when called again after its
      internal stack has been exceeded PR#17904.

    * Accessing a long vector represented by a compact integer sequence
      no longer segfaults (reported and debugged by Hugh Parsonage).

    * duplicated() now works also for strings with multiple encodings
      inside a single vector PR#17809.

    * phyper(11, 15, 0, 12, log.p=TRUE) no longer gives NaN; reported
      as PR#17271 by Alexey Stukalov.

    * Fix incorrect calculation in logLik.nls() PR#16100, patch from
      Sebastian Meyer.

    * A very old bug could cause a segfault in model.matrix() when
      terms involved logical variables.  Part of PR#17879.

    * model.frame.default() allowed data = 1, leading to involuntary
      variable capture (rest of PR#17879).

    * tar() no longer skips non-directory files, thanks to a patch by
      Sebastian Meyer, fixing the remaining part of PR#16716.

Peter Dalgaard, Professor,
Center for Statistics, Copenhagen Business School
Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Phone: (+45)38153501
Office: A 4.23
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