[R] What is the threshold for `useRaster` of graphics::image()?

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Fri Oct 2 20:59:39 CEST 2020

Clearly you need to spend some more time studying basic docs on how R
works. R is open source: **all** code is available, though in different
locations and with different means to access it.

> graphics::image
at the console returns

function (x, ...)
<bytecode: 0x7f8d4ca1d448>
<environment: namespace:graphics>

This tells us that image() is an S3 method for the "image" generic (read
the necessary docs if you don't know what this means).

> methods("image")
[1] image.default
see '?methods' for accessing help and source code

This tells us that there is only one method with the packages I have loaded
in my session, image.default()

> image.default
now gives the code:

function (x = seq(0, 1, length.out = nrow(z)), y = seq(0, 1,
    length.out = ncol(z)), z, zlim = range(z[is.finite(z)]),
    xlim = range(x), ylim = range(y), col = hcl.colors(12, "YlOrRd",
        rev = TRUE), add = FALSE, xaxs = "i", yaxs = "i", xlab,
    ylab, breaks, oldstyle = FALSE, useRaster, ...)
## many lines of code

which includes a call to C code "C_image" for which you would have to look
The R Internals doc that ships with R tells you how to find that. Or just
googling on "find C code in R" may give you more convenient options (e.g.
through the pryr package).


Bert Gunter

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On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 11:28 AM <cdanek using posteo.de> wrote:

>  Hi R-help list
> What is the threshold for the `useRaster` argument of graphics::image()
> to decide whether a grid is "regular" or not (i.e. the usage of
> useRaster=T is allowed or not). My
> `dev.capabilities("rasterImage")$rasterImage` is "yes".
> I could not find this information in the internet. I also could not find
> the source code of the graphics::image() function (I would answer the
> question by myself then). Where can I find the source code?
> Thanks a lot for any help and kind regards,
> Chris
> packageDescription("graphics")
> Package: graphics
> Version: 4.0.2
> Built: R 4.0.2; x86_64-pc-linux-gnu; 2020-06-22 08:33:40 UTC; unix
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