[R] differences between meat and metafor packages

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Wed Feb 27 12:42:24 CET 2019

Hi Greg,

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No, this is not correct. The argument 'vi' is for the *variances*, not the standard errors. So, either use:

res <- rma(HR, sei=SE, data=a, method="REML", slab=paste(a$study), digits=3)


res <- rma(HR, vi=SE^2, data=a, method="REML", slab=paste(a$study), digits=3)


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Hi Wolfgang;

Thanks so much for this. It is much appreciated. Essentially, I run the following with metafor. Is not this correct? Still, should I specify sei in program?

### Spesify log hazard ratios and sampling variances
a$yi <- a$HR
a$vi <- a$SE
### meta-analysis based on all trials
res <- rma(yi, vi, data=a, method="REML", slab=paste(a$study), digits=3)

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The second argument (called 'vi') in rma() is for the variances. If you have SEs, then use the 'sei' argument:

res <- rma(HR, sei=SE, data=a)


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Hi all;

I have got different results (CI and Q value for heterogeneity, tau) on the
same data when I run meta and metafor for hazard ratio with a random
effects model. The basic programs for both are given below. What can cause?


 res <- rma(HR, SE, data=a)
predict(res, transf=exp)

 metagen(HR, SE, sm="HR", data=a)

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