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Mon Feb 25 21:45:37 CET 2019

The script is complete.  When I start, the environment is empty. 
The warnings are issued for these "ghost" variables well before they are 
created later in the script. 
Somehow previous incarnations are lingering around and being unhappy even 
after they were "deleted". 
Jeff Newmiller has suggested a solution I have yet to try.

William Dunlap <wdunlap using tibco.com> 
02/25/2019 02:30 PM

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Re: [R] Ghost variables

Doesn't that mean that your script is incomplete, that it needs to make 
those variables?

Bill Dunlap
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On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:32 AM <JLucke using ria.buffalo.edu> wrote:
Fellow R-gonauts:

I frequently erase/remove all the objects in my current environment so can 

I re-run scripts to ensure that analyses are complete, error-free, and 
However, sometimes when I re-rerun a script I get warning messages (see 
below for example)  regarding some variables (objects) when these 
variables do not exist in my current environment. 
These ghost variables had existed at one time, but were subsequently 
removed by the rm(list=ls()) command or by the broom icon in RStudio. 

What's happening and how do I exorcise the ghosts?

Warning messages:
1: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'K'. 
2: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAfit'. 
3: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAfit'. 
4: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAfit'. 
5: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAfit'. 
6: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAfit'. 
7: Unknown or uninitialised column: 'NDAobs'.

Joe Lucke
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