[R] [R-SIG-Mac] character set problem

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Tue Feb 19 20:58:39 CET 2019

Dear Kevin Ushey,


> On 19 Feb 2019, at 20:16, Kevin Ushey <kevinushey using gmail.com> wrote:
> If I understand correctly, the problem is that the character your keyboard is inserting is not a regular caret (^, \u0053); rather, it's a 'modifier character circumflex accent' (ˆ, \u02c6).
> How are you inserting the carat on your laptop? For what it's worth, I get a 'regular' caret with Shift + 6, and that particular accent character with Alt + I.

Thanks.  Indeed I just type the normal shift-6, and get this strange circumflex character. With alt-i I get this same character.

I can produce a normal caret by typing 


in the console, but that's of course rather clumsy.

How to "tame" the editor to produce the normal ASCII caret?
The other symbols in that row, like % and &, are the normal ASCII characters.
Strange why this single character on my keyboard is a two-byte character.

Any clue appreciated.


Franklin Bretschneider
Utrecht University
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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