[R] Most recent version of R for IBM Power8 Ubuntu environment

Bill Glessner B|||@G|e@@ner @end|ng |rom cwu@edu
Mon Feb 18 21:17:02 CET 2019

Good afternoon,

What is the most recent version of R known to run reliably in an environment of IBM HPC cluster Power8 systems, Ubuntu 16.04.1 operating system, with gpfs as the cluster file-system? It would seem to be R version 3.2.3; however, that one is not current enough for all the packages that are required by a number of research projects at the university. R version 3.5.1 has been built and run through 'make check' without incident; but, when actual project work began, the cluster-node running the R application became hung, requiring a reboot to re-enable the gpfs daemon and communication with the cluster storage-node.
Thank you for your assistance.

Bill Glessner       - Central Washington University

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