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Mon Feb 18 09:57:38 CET 2019

Dear all,

I am trying to plot coordinates on a world map with Robinson CRS. While the
world map is generated without any issues, when I try to plot the points -
I only get a single point.

The code I am using and the coordinates data is below. What am I doing
wrong? Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.



PROJ <- "+proj=robin +lon_0=0 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84
+units=m +no_defs"

NE_countries_rob  <- spTransform(NE_countries, CRSobj = PROJ)
NE_graticules_rob <- spTransform(NE_graticules, CRSobj = PROJ)
NE_box_rob        <- spTransform(NE_box, CRSobj = PROJ)

# project long-lat coordinates for graticule label data frames
# (two extra columns with projected XY are created)
prj.coord <- project(cbind(lbl.Y$lon, lbl.Y$lat), proj=PROJ)
lbl.Y.prj <- cbind(prj.coord, lbl.Y)
names(lbl.Y.prj)[1:2] <- c("X.prj","Y.prj")

prj.coord <- project(cbind(lbl.X$lon, lbl.X$lat), proj=PROJ)
lbl.X.prj <- cbind(prj.coord, lbl.X)
names(lbl.X.prj)[1:2] <- c("X.prj","Y.prj")

m <- ggplot() +
  # add Natural Earth countries projected to Robinson, give black border
and fill with gray
  geom_polygon(data=NE_countries_rob, aes(long,lat, group=group),
colour="black", fill="gray80", size = 0.25) +
  # Note: "Regions defined for each Polygons" warning has to do with
fortify transformation. Might get deprecated in future!
  # alternatively, use use map_data(NE_countries) to transform to data
frame and then use project() to change to desired projection.
  # add Natural Earth box projected to Robinson
  geom_polygon(data=NE_box_rob, aes(x=long, y=lat), colour="black",
fill="transparent", size = 0.25) +
  # add graticules projected to Robinson
  geom_path(data=NE_graticules_rob, aes(long, lat, group=group),
linetype="dotted", color="grey50", size = 0.25) +
  # add graticule labels - latitude and longitude
  geom_text(data = lbl.Y.prj, aes(x = X.prj, y = Y.prj, label = lbl),
color="grey50", size=2) +
  geom_text(data = lbl.X.prj, aes(x = X.prj, y = Y.prj, label = lbl),
color="grey50", size=2) +
  # the default, ratio = 1 in coord_fixed ensures that one unit on the
x-axis is the same length as one unit on the y-axis
  coord_fixed(ratio = 1) +
             aes(x=lon, y=lat), colour="Deep Pink",
             fill="Pink",pch=21, size=2, alpha=I(0.7))
  # remove the background and default gridlines

## coordinates dataframe
structure(list(lon = c(2.67569724621467, 17.5766416259819,
23.8147674538232, 29.8917589327105), lat = c(28.1503115976162,
-12.3388787380201, 9.78891068739477, -22.1873831176644, -3.36546931479253
)), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -5L))



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