[R] Saving and reloading function in a package

Dimitrios Stasinopoulos @t@@|nom @end|ng |rom @t@||@|ondonmet@@c@uk
Fri Feb 15 12:37:54 CET 2019

 I would like to put a graphic background to a model diagnostic plot.
The background is created with plot()/lines() but it takes time. 
My solution was to save the plots as functions using splinefun(). 
Those saved function can be put in a .RData file using load()  or  .rds using saveRDS().

My question is how I can put those files  in a package and load them within a function of the package.
Any suggestion please?  

Prof Dimitrios Stasinopoulos
stasinom using staff.londonmet.ac.uk

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