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Wed Feb 13 22:14:12 CET 2019

I'm conducting a research which involves matching in R.
I'm running now an old code, written by a colleague, who passed away  last
I'm trying to continue his research, but I encountered some issues while
reviving his code.
The main problem is that I'm not familiar with Zelig functionalities, so I
can't even tell if the problems that I encountered are due to changes in
Zelig packages over the years, or not. 
In his original code, my colleague wrote:
z.treat <- zelig(OF, data=CNTRL_G, model="ls")
  x.treat <- setx(z.treat, data=TREAT_G, cond=TRUE)
  s.treat <- sim(z.treat, x=x.treat)
  z.control <- zelig(OF, data=TREAT_G, model="ls")
  x.control <- setx(z.treat, data=CNTRL_G, cond=TRUE)
  s.control <- sim(z.control, x=x.control)
  att <- s.treat$qi$att.ev
  ate <- c(s.treat$qi$att.ev, -s.control$qi$att.ev)
However, when I try to run this code, I get the following error:
Error in s.treat$qi$att.ev : object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
I tried to install an old version of Zelig, but this resulted in hundreds of
warning and no success in running the abovementioned methods.
I understand that Zelig package has gone through some changes with regards
to retrieving ATT, however, I'm afraid to harm the original code's meaning
and would like to know what is the exact corresponding code in the new
version, so that my colleague's results will remain as originally computed.
Could you please help me with this issue? I would really appreciate your
advice regarding the replacement of the code with a code which will produce
similar results, with the new format of the newer Zelig package.
Thanks in advance,

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