[R] Spacing around \cdot (%.%) unequal in pdf

Pascal A. Niklaus p@@c@|@n|k|@u@ @end|ng |rom |eu@uzh@ch
Wed Feb 6 19:48:49 CET 2019

I am struggling labeling an axis in a plot.

Here is a minimal example illustrating the point:

ypos <- c(1:3) * 1e6
ylabs <- sapply(ypos/1e6, function(i) as.expression(bquote(.(i)%.%10^6)))
plot(rep(1,3), ypos, yaxt="n", ylab="")
axis(2, at=ypos, labels=ylabs, las=1)

First, I find the space left and right of the \cdot operator rather 
larger. Is there a way to decrease it?

Second, and more important, in the generated PDF, the space left of the 
dot is much bigger, it looks as if it was typeset as e.g. "3 *10^6".

Thanks for any hint


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