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I'm working on a "Time-Series Calendar Heatmap" using the following code.


ggplot(myData, aes(monthweek, weekdayf, fill = myData $adjusted)) + 

geom_tile(colour = "white") + facet_grid(year(myData $date)~monthf) + 

scale_fill_gradient(low="red", high="green") + 

xlab("Week of Month") + ylab("") + 

ggtitle("Time-Series Calendar Heatmap ") + labs(fill = "Price")


While the ggplot commands do (almost) what I want I can't figure out how to
change my color scaling. While scale_fill_gradient(low="red", high="green")
does what I ask, that is create a color gradient from red to green it not
what I thought it would be. What I need is discreet colors something like 0
- grey; 1:5 - blue; 6:10 - green etc.  How to I set discrete colors for
groups of values. A color ramp would work but I need to separately color
those cells with 0 counts.


Jeff Reichman

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