[R] survival analysis question

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Wed Oct 31 23:28:14 CET 2018

Thank You,Eric. I run this code without id="id" and it worked!

Eric Berger <ericjberger using gmail.com>:
<The addicts data.frame has as its first column 'id', which seems to be the cause of the ERROR message.>
 Medic <rsubscribe using inbox.ru>  via  R - help  < r - help @ r -project.org > wrote:
<When I run code, I got the ERROR: 
> addicts.cp=survSplit(addicts, cut=addicts$survt[addicts$status==1], end="survt", event="status",start="start", id="id")
>ERROR in survSplit(addicts, cut = addicts$survt[addicts$status == 1],: the suggested id name is already present.>

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