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That's cool! I think this solution would fit better with what my intended setup.

Thanks a lot

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Here's another modification to your code that also works.  It's a lot 
uglier, but will allow bar1 and bar2 to be used in multiple functions, 
not just foo.

bar1 <- function(env){
   env$x <- 1
   env$y <- 1
   env$z <- 1
   with(env, cat(sprintf('bar1: x=%d, y=%d, z=%d\n', x, y, z)))

bar2 <- function(env){
   env$x <- 2
   env$y <- 2
   env$z <- 2
   with(env, cat(sprintf('bar2: x=%d, y=%d, z=%d\n', x, y, z)))

foo <- function(a=1, b=2, c=0){

   # some setup code
   dummy <- a + b
   x <- y <- z <- 0

   # here is my scope problem
   if (c==1) bar1(environment())
   if (c==2) bar2(environment())

   # some more code
   cat(sprintf('foo: x=%d, y=%d, z=%d\n', x, y, z))



Duncan Murdoch

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