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I think this does what you want.

z1<- -1
z2<-  2
oldp <- par(mgp=c(3, .5, 0))
curve(dnorm(x,0,1), xlim=c(-5, 5),main="Standard Normal",
    xaxt="n", frame=F, xlab="")
cord.x<- jj
cord.y<- dnorm(jj)
polygon(c(-1, cord.x, 2), c(0, cord.y, 0), col="skyblue")
axis(1, at=c(-5, z1, 0, z2, 5), lab=(c(-5,z1,0,z2,5) + 5)*2, line=2)

When you assign a vector to an object, you do not need to use c(), e.g. cord.x <- jj. I expanded xlim= since you were labeling the axis at -5, and 5, but only drawing the plot from -4 to 4.

To get the polygon to work, you need to add points to the baseline at at either end.

The line= argument in axis() lets you put an axis line into the margin of the plot. I used the mgp= argument in par() to close the space between the tickmarks and their values.
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David, Rui, and All:
1. I need a helping hand with the polygon statement below so that I can 
have the area under the curve highlighted, between (z1,z2).
2. Is it possible to label the X-axis with in two scale, in the current 
z-scale and another, say x = (z+5)*2?
Thank you.

z1<- -1
z2<-  2

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