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I have lost track of half the discussion so forgive me if that suggestion has been made before, but would it be suitable to wrap your code in a shiny app and disseminate it this way?
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Yes, I am aware that both '__FILE__' and 'SAS_EXECFILENAME' are macro variables. I don't know how the VBA 'Application.ThisWorkbook.Path' VBA or PHP '__DIR__' (or '__FILE__') work.

And yes, indeed, until now I didn't even realise that this simple find-and-replace solution of "mine" is actually the basic job of a preprocessor when it expands macro variables, thank you!

A macro language in R, yes, I think it would be useful, at least for this function. If nothing simpler is available, of course...
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If I m following all this correctly, it seems your criticism is that R doesn t provide a run-time function that is equivalent to a compile-time macro. You do realize that __FILE__ is not part of the C programming language - it s a predefined variable recognized by the cpp - the C preprocessor program. Similarly, SAS_EXECFILENAME is a predefined variable that can be recognized by the SAS macro processor, but has no meaning in the SAS language itself.

So, to go back to your original post:
1.  Either create a variable "ScriptPath" in the first lines of each of my R scripts and run a batch (or shell, etc.) to replace every single occurrence of "ScriptPath <-" by "ScriptPath <- [Absolute path of the R script]" in all the R scripts located in the folder (and possibly subfolders) of the batch file.

This is what a macro processor does. Are you asking for a macro language in R?


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It is not wrong to claim that R currently doesn't have a function returning the path of the R file where this same function was invoked.

'getwd()' is indeed not equivalent to VBA 'Application.ThisWorkbook.Path' or C macro '__FILE__' or SAS %sysget(SAS_EXECFILENAME), etc.

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