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Thu Oct 4 20:18:33 CEST 2018

Hi All,

I generated the attached heatmap using the following  R code and attached testfile.

I tried to move the legend to the bottom, Can anyone help me?  I have played for 3 hours and can not resolve the problem.

I realized that in the last email, I forgot to include the "Group" variable for legend. I added to the R code below.

Thank  you,


png("heatmaps_test2.png",   # create PNG for the heat map
    width = 5*300,        # 5 x 300 pixels
    height = 5*300,
    res = 300,            # 300 pixels per inch
    pointsize = 8  # smaller font size

# lmat = rbind(c(0,0,4),c(3,1,2),c(0,0,5))
# #1.      RowSideColors;2.Heatmap;3.Row tree;4.Column tree;5.Color key
# lwid = c(0.8,0.15,7) # lwid controls the column width # lhei = c(0.1,5.5,1) #lhei controls the row height

my_palette2 <- colorRampPalette(c("blue", "cyan4", "red"))(n = 299) col_breaks = c(seq(-1.5,-1.1,length=100), # for bllue
               seq(-1.099,1.099,length=100),  # for green
               seq(1.1,1.5,length=100)) # for red cols <- c("red", "black", "blue") heatmap.2(as.matrix(testfile), key=T,
          #lmat=lmat, lwid=lwid, lhei=lhei,
          symkey=FALSE,#keysize=1, key.par =list(cex=0.25),
          key.xlab="Heatmap color key",
          key.title =" ",
          RowSideColors= cols[as.numeric(as.factor(allinfo.blood$Group))],
          density.info="none",  # turns off density plot inside color legend
          trace="none",         # turns off trace lines inside the heat map
          col=my_palette2, # use color palette defined earlier
          labCol=" ", # default to colnames(x)
          #labRow=" ",
          #margins =c(12,9),
          #Colv="NA", # only draw a row dendrogram
          hclust=function(x) hclust(x,method="complete"),
          distfun=function(x) as.dist((1-cor(t(x)))/2)
          ) # using pearson correlation as distance

Group <-c("Blood: Vector", "Blood: Vector", "Blood: E2", "Blood: E2",    
"Blood: E2+BP3",  "Blood: E2+BP3",  "Blood: Vector",  "Blood: Vector",
"Blood: E2", "Blood: E2", "Blood: E2+BP3",  "Blood: E2+BP3")

 groups = levels(as.factor(Group))
legend(0.2,0.1, groups, col=cols, pch=15, ncol = 3, cex=1)


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