[R] R - Reading a horizontally arranged csv file, replacing values and saving again

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Mon Oct 1 11:24:43 CEST 2018

I have a horizontally arranged CSV file
<https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ukyuifvpq1olqk/samplefile.csv?dl=0> (
samplefile.csv) with headers are in the first column. Also, each row has a
different number of columns. I want to read this CSV file, replace one of
the cell value and save again as a CSV file with the same format as the
original file with exactly same number of columns and rows. It sounds like
a simple task, but I am struggling to find a way. I tried to do this with
the help of this
 and this
but still, I can't get the output the way I want. Can somebody help me here?

My attempt using the answer in this post
read the CSV file (samplefile.csv) gives me the following output where
headers are kinda messed up and empty cells are replaced with NA values
which is not what I want

aaa <- read.tcsv("samplefile.csv")

     Header.1 Header.2..units. Header.3..units. Header.3..units..11
Some text           0.0625                0             2648962
<NA>           0.0625             1200             6647473        <NA>
          0.0625             1380                  14        <NA>
     0.2500             1500                  15        <NA>
0.6250             1620                 NA6        <NA>
1.3125             1740                 NA7        <NA>
2.4375             1860                 NA8        <NA>
3.5625             1980                 NA9        <NA>
4.6250             2100                 NA10       <NA>
5.0000             2220                 NA11       <NA>
5.0000             2340                 NA12       <NA>
4.6250             2460                 NA13       <NA>
3.5625             2580                 NA14       <NA>
2.4375             2700                 NA15       <NA>
1.3125             2820                 NA16       <NA>
0.6250             2940                 NA17       <NA>
0.2500             3060                 NA18       <NA>
0.0625             3180                 NA19       <NA>
0.0000             3300                 NA20       <NA>
0.0000            18000                 NA

Also, I am not sure how to go back to original format when I save the file
again after a modification (for example after replacing a cell value)

I tried saving the file again by using t (transpose) as given below

write.csv(t(aaa), file ="samplefile_e.csv", row.names=T)

but still, there are following issues in the saved file

   1. messed up headers
   2. empty cells are replaced with NA
   3. when I open the file in a text editor all the values are shown as


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