[R] reading file labels into R

WRAY NICHOLAS nicholas.wray at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 27 13:06:43 CET 2017

Hello R-ren   I have a list of csv files in a folder which are labelled
essentially in this way (actual data has scores of files)

F010116, F020116, F030116

G020116, G030116, G040116, G 050116

H020116, H030116

where F G and H are engines I've got data from and the numbers are the dates. I
can manually make a "register" to create a paste label of each engine and the
dates for which I have data, which, as in the example, are not the same for each
engine, but I am wondering whether there's any way of getting R to read the
labels from the folder so that it can then loop through successive engines and
dates without being explicitly told what labels it will need to upload each csv
file in turn

If anyone has ideas I'd be grateful

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