[R] HELP lme4 & lmerTest INSTALLATION

Rui Barradas ruipbarradas at sapo.pt
Wed Jan 25 15:20:54 CET 2017

Oh, so sorry then, I thought I hadn't installed it and when I did 
library(lme4) it ran without error.
Thanks for the correction.

Rui Barradas

Em 25-01-2017 11:42, Thierry Onkelinx escreveu:
> Dear Rui,
> nlme is a recommended package, lme4 is (currently) not. You need to
> install it.
> Best regards,
> ir. Thierry Onkelinx
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> 2017-01-25 11:45 GMT+01:00 Rui Barradas <ruipbarradas at sapo.pt
> <mailto:ruipbarradas at sapo.pt>>:
>     You don't need to install lme4, it comes with base R.

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