[R] spatial analysis using quickPCNM

Andrew Halford andrew.halford at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 15:42:28 CET 2017

Hi Listers,

I posted this message to the R-sig-ecology group last Friday but have not
had a response hence my post here.

I have been trying to run spatial analyses on a fish community dataset.

My fish dataset has 114 species(variables) x 45 sites
My spatial dataset has the Lat and Long values for each site, converted to
cartesian coordinates

> fish <- read.table(file.choose())> latlong <- read.table(file.choose()) > fish.h <- decostand (fish, "hellinger")> fish.PCNM.quick <- quickPCNM(fish.h,latlong)

Truncation level = 639.5348
Time to compute PCNMs = 0.820000  sec Error in if (temp2.test[1, 5] <=
alpha) { : argument is of length zeroTiming stopped at: 1.06 0.05 1.19

I do not understand the error message coming up and would appreciate
some advice.


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