[R] Re: OS X solution... was Re: rgdal functions: spTransform and CRS not working

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Mon Jan 16 11:02:30 CET 2017

I apologise for not following up in-thread, as I used to use Gmane to 
reply to postings read digested before its (hopefully temporary) demise.

The problem is that the CRAN OSX binaries for rgdal are shipping without 
two key folders, proj/ and gdal/. Until we get it fixed, please see if you 
can download the equivalent Windows binary package:


unzip it (do not install it), and copy the proj/ and gdal/ folders with
their contents to the folder shown (in R) by:

system.file("", package="rgdal")

For OSX-specific questions like this, you could try R-sig-mac, for spatial 
data R-sig-geo. Always show the output of sessionInfo() when reporting 

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