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G.Maubach at weinwolf.de G.Maubach at weinwolf.de
Tue Jan 10 08:25:26 CET 2017

Hi Jim,

many thanks for your answer.

That's exactly what I need.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards


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Here is an example of the way I use it:

# read my functions into a environment
.my.env.jph <- new.env()
.sys.source('~/C_Drive/perf/bin/perfmon.r', envir=.my.env.jph)

Jim Holtman
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What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
Tell me what you want to do, not how you want to do it.

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 11:21 AM, <G.Maubach at weinwolf.de> wrote:
Hi All,

I wish everyone a happy new year.

I have the following code:

-- cut --

modules <- c("t_calculate_RFM_model.R", "t_count_na.R",
             "t_frequencies.R", "t_inspect_dataset.R",
             "t_openxlsx_shortcuts.r", "t_rename_variables.R",

toolbox <- new.env(parent = emptyenv())

for (file in modules)
  source(file = file.path(
    c_path_full$modules,  # path to modules
    echo = TRUE)

-- cut --

I would like to know how I can source the modules into the newly created
environment called "toolbox"?

I had a look at the help file for ?source but this function can read in
only in the current environment or the global environment (= default).

I tried also the following

-- cut --

for (file in modules))
    what = "source",
    args = list(
      file = file.path(c_path_full$modules,
      echo = TRUE
    envir = toolbox

-- cut --

But this did not work, i. e. it did not load the modules into the
environment "toolbox" but into the .GlobalEnv.

I also had a look at "assign", but assign() askes for a name of an object
in quotes. This way I could not figure out how to use it in a loop or
function to name the element in "toolbox" after the modules names:

assign("t_add_sheet", t_add_sheet, envir = toolbox)  # works
assign(quote(t_add_sheet), t_add_sheet, envir = toolbox)  # does NOT work
assign(as.name(t_add_sheet), t_add_sheet, envir = toolbix)  # does NOT

Is there a way to load the modules directly into the "toolbox"

Kind regards


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