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Chris chris.barker at barkerstats.com
Mon Jan 9 05:52:24 CET 2017

I'd appreciate a tip on (re-)installing libraries for R on my windows machine 
I have a windows (Windows 7)  computer and a recent version of R installed (3.3.2).  I discovered that when I install R libraries they install to the "my documents" folder rather than to "program files"This seems to also create problems installing the dependent libraries when a library installs.
I'm presuming that R libraries are not installing to "program files" due to some permission/administrator privilege problems.
I have tried manually copying files from my documents to program files which didn't seem to completely fix the problem.
I also installed "r studio" but that hasn't resolved the problem of libraries not finding other libraries it depends on.A specific example, typically I use Frank Harrel's HMISC, however in my current installation it doesn't find "openssl". 
installation tips appreciated.
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