[R] Problem with IRkernel Installation Solved - Instructions on how to Solve it

Paul Bernal paulbernal07 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 14:43:43 CET 2017

Dear friends,

Great news! I was able to install the IRkernel successfully and I am now
able to create R notebooks in Jupyter. Just in case anybody out there is
struggling with this too, here is what I did (I have Windows 8, but it will
probably work for Mac OS X as well):

1-Go to the page https://irkernel.github.io/installation
2-Open the R console (I have R version 3.3.2)
3-Go to the step where it says "Installing via supplied binary packages
(default on Windows + Mac OS X)
4-Instead of installing all the packages using one single command as
suggested in the installation instructions, go to the R console and install
all of the packages one by one, as follows
5-Connect to a CRAN mirror and select install packages, look for the
package githubinstall and clic on it to install it
6-Start loading each one of the packages installed like this:
7-After this you have to update jsonlite which is a dependencie of package
githubinstall, you update jsonlite using the following command:
8-After this, you have to type the following commands:
 >set_config(use_proxy(url="the required IP", port=8080, username="your
network user", password="the password you use to unlock your computer"))
 >#you can get the required IP going to the command prompt and using the
command ping
 >#port has to be 8080
9-type use the command:
10-Last but not least, type the following command:

If you follow this instructions you should be able to install the IRkernel
successfully and start writing R notebooks in Jupyter.

Hope this helps,

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