[R] [FORGED] Re: Generating a Special Histogram

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jan 5 23:21:21 CET 2017

On 06/01/17 10:31, Jim Lemon wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> This may help if your data is in the format below:
> waffle.mat<-matrix(c(rep(NA,14),137,135,rep(NA,6),144,149,
>  rep(NA,3),150,152,159,157,154,
>  NA,163,164,164,161,162,165,164,rep(NA,5),179,173,173,
>  rep(NA,4),182,180,185,180,
>  rep(NA,6),197,190,rep(NA,8)),ncol=9)
> waffle.col<-matrix("lightblue",ncol=9,nrow=8)
> waffle.col[is.na(waffle.mat)]<-NA
> waffle.border<-matrix("blue",ncol=9,nrow=8)
> waffle.border[is.na(waffle.mat)]<-NA
> library(plotrix)
> # use a waffle plot
> color2D.matplot(waffle.mat,cellcolors=waffle.col,border=waffle.border,
>  show.values=TRUE,xat=10,yat=10,xlab="",ylab="")
> axis(1,at=1:8,labels=seq(130,200,by=10))
> axis(2,at=1:8)
> axis.break(1)

Being picky-picky-picky I would like to point out that Duncan's and 
David's functions don't *quite* reproduce the picture in the pdf file
that the OP attached, when called with the data from that picture:

egdat <- c(137,135,144,149,150,152,159,157,154,163,164,164,

It's a matter of including the left or right endpoints in the bins.

Duncan's function needs to swap "<" and "<=" in the definition of "keep"
(and make a corresponding adjustment in the "|" clause, so as to look at
the last rather than the first break value).

David's function needs to set "right=FALSE" in the call to cut().

Jim's waffle plot gets it right, at the expense of needing to have the
data organised in an inconvenient form.

All that being said, all of you blokes came up with solutions that are 
far beyond my capability of producing.  Hat's off to you.



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