[R] Problems with roxygen2 when building package

Renger van Nieuwkoop renger at vannieuwkoop.ch
Thu Jan 5 14:35:19 CET 2017

I am trying to build my own package. When I run in RStudio (R3.3.2, all packages updated, Roxygen available, Windows 10 machine) build-document, I get the following error message:

==> devtools::document(roclets=c('rd', 'collate', 'namespace', 'vignette'))

Fehler in check_dep_version(pkg, version, compare) : 
  Dependency package roxygen2 not available.
Ruft auf: suppressPackageStartupMessages ... <Anonymous> -> check_suggested -> check_dep_version
Ausf�hrung angehalten

Any suggestions, would be welcome


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