[R] machine learning goal (new to R )

Chuck Snell chuck.snell.email at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 18:15:50 CET 2017


I am new to R, a computer programmer friend of mine recommended R for a
project I have on my plate.

(He is not a R guy but knows I need to consider it for the problem I
described to him)

Frist, I have plenty of data

I have been doing this task with regression models but was asked to try to
improve my accuracy.

I am forecasting an "output" which is numerical based upon forecasted

for extreme weather and stable weather my regression does decent. Meaning,
really cold and hot weather that has been cold or hot for a while.

What I miss is when things change, meaning if we have had mild weather then
a sudden change, intuitively we know things won't behave as if it had been
cold (or hot) for the last week or so but my regression obviously does not
consider the "history" or patterns.

What was suggested to me was consider some machine learning to identify the
patterns and so forth.

I have R installed and started searching around the libraries - seems

I have found an example of machine learning for R that did "categories" -
maybe of flowers not sure.

What I need is not categories but a number for an estimate / forecast,

Can you recommend some routines / libraries / techniques to consider?


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