[R] concurvity

Eva Maria Leunissen eva.leunissen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:27:26 CET 2017

Hi, I'm using the concurvity function to check for concurvity in my model.
The output I get when comparing to the rest of the model (ie full=TRUE)
 many of the variables have concurvity values higher than 0.9. However when
comparing the terms pairwise most values are very small, less than 0.1
(with the worst around 0.5). I am not sure where to go from here, should
the full model output be cause for concern and should I refit the model
eliminating some terms with high concurvity? or are the pairwise
concurvities more informative?
is there anything else I can do? The terms in the model are mostly
interactions, with a few smooths and one parametric term.

Thanks in advance

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