[R] Make sure a data frame has been "fun through" a function

Charles C. Berry ccberry at ucsd.edu
Tue Feb 21 01:24:14 CET 2017

On Mon, 20 Feb 2017, stephen sefick wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to add something to a data frame that is 1) invisible to the
> user, 2) has no side effects, and 3) I can test for in a following
> function. Is this possible? I am exploring classes and attributes and I
> have thought about using a list (but 1 and 2 not satisfied). Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.

Depends on exactly what you mean by `invisible' and `side effects'.

You can do this (but I am not necessarily recommending this):

> add.stuff <- function(x,...){
+ class(x)<- c("more.stuff",class(x))
+ attr(x,"stuff")<- list(...)
+ x}

And printing and model functions will be unaffected:

> df <- data.frame(a=1:3,b=letters[1:3])
> df2 <- add.stuff(df,comment="wow", length="3 rows")
> df2
   a b
1 1 a
2 2 b
3 3 c
> attr(df2,"stuff")
[1] "wow"

[1] "3 rows"

> all.equal(lm(a~b,df),lm(a~b,df2)) # only call should differ
[1] "Component “call”: target, current do not match when deparsed"

And if you need some generics to take account of the "stuff" attribute, 
you can write the methods to do that.


Another solution is to put your data.framne in a package and then have 
other objects hold the 'stuff' stuff. Once your package is loaded or 
imported, the user will have access to the data in a way that might be 
said to be `invisible' in ordinary usage.


But seriously, you should say *why* you want to do this. There are 
probably excellent solutions that do not involve directly altering the 
data.frame and may not involve putting together a package.



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