[R] optimisation of the system of differential equations

Malgorzata Wieteska g.wieteska at yahoo.ie
Mon Feb 20 16:26:43 CET 2017

I try to do optimisation of the system of the differential equations. I've managed to make my exemplary code working, however after changing equations on the exact model and data on the real one, I get an error messages and code doesn't work.
I have a partial data for L (concentrations were assessed only for 3 days, the cycle lasted 24. My data for external variables (concentrations) of 2 other variables cE and cP have more datapoints (cP was assessed on each day)
I couldn't fit more parameters than number of equations (excluded parameters for the initial values, which weren't assessed, so I try to get them as a result  of parameterisation). The most sensitive parameters were labelled as k1 and k2, the values for other were derived from the literature and embedded in the system of equations.
I've attached my code. Thanks in advance for any hint why this code doesn't work or information were I can find examples for optimisation of the similar system of the equations.
Kind Regards,Malgorzata

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