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Jake William Andrae jake.andrae at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Feb 16 07:58:21 CET 2017


I'm using the 'Marmap' R package to create ocean bathymetry maps. I've managed quite well, but I'm having a little difficulty with setting my x-axis (longitude) limits. When I run the code, the map is projected with large white bands on either side of the desired longitude limits. I've tried setting the limits myself (i.e xlim = c(115, 130)). I've also tried setting the 'xaxs' parameter to 'i', with no luck. I've included the code below, with the NOAA bathymetry data I'm trying to map.

If anyone has had any experience with this package and has encountered similar problems and has a solution, I'd love to hear about it.

# Load package

# Import bathymetry
bat <- getNOAA.bathy(130, 115, -26, -12, res = 1, keep = TRUE)

# Plot map with isobaths every 1000m
plot(bat, image = TRUE, land = TRUE, deep=-10000, shallow=-1000, step=1000,
                      drawlabels = TRUE, bpal = list(c(min(bat,na.rm=TRUE), 0, blues),
                      c(0, max(bat, na.rm=TRUE), greenbrowns)), lwd = 0.1, col = 'grey20')


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