[R] How to prepare a input data for Cytoscape

Elham - ed_isfahani at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 00:51:43 CET 2017

Hello,I want to use "Cytoscape"  to construct co-expression network for coding-lncoding (control/tretment situation).I calculated correlation by R for control and treatment and now I want to prepare input data for cytoscape, 
I want molecules (genes and lncRNA) as nodes andcorrelation weighting the edges connecting them,also use value of correlation as an Edge weights too.should I  prepare input table with 6 column? 1-coding genes 2-lncoding 3-pairs of treatment 4-pairs of control 5-value of treatment correlation 6-value of control correlationthat first and second are nodes and others are edges?
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