[R] Partial differential equation

Timothy Axberg axbergtimothy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 04:22:14 CET 2017

Hello, I am having troubles with heat conduction problem. Below is the
given information. Should I move forward with this problem like any other
1-D PDE?

¶T/¶t = a* (¶^2T/¶x^2)

I.C. For t = 0 and 0 £ x £ 10, T = 0 °C

B.C. For x = 0 cm and all t , T = 100°C

For x = 10 cm and all t , T = 0 °C

The thermal diffusivity is a = 2.0 cm^2 /s.

I also added what I have for code in R. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

- Timothy

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