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akshay kulkarni akshay_e4 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 16 08:39:02 CET 2017

dear members,

I have written functions f1 and f2, which is used in a larger function p. f1 and f2 calls on a data set which is acted on by the mice function. when f1 and f2 calls on mice, the source data set gets filled in by different values for the same position which was earlier populated by NA's. This perverts the return object of p, which acts on the source data populated by different values for the same NA position.

Is there any other way to fill the NA position, in the source data, by the same value by the mice function, irrespective by the number of calls by mice? In other words, the NA value has to be filled by the same value whether in the first call or the second call or any other call.

Thanks a lot

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