[R] Gaussian Process Classification R packages

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Tue Dec 12 00:48:35 CET 2017

While a plea about struggling may seem appropriate to you, it is just as content-free as a reply telling you to use Google... and like it or not, that tit-for-tat arises due to frustration with lack of specificity as detailed by Charles. That is, if you are constructive about documenting your issue with a reproducible example and mentioning what you have tried and how it failed, you won't prompt such frustrated/unhelpful responses in the future.

Did you find [1] or [2]?

[1] https://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/177677/gaussian-process-prediction-interval

[2] https://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/9131/obtaining-a-formula-for-prediction-limits-in-a-linear-model/9144#9144
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On December 11, 2017 9:53:01 AM PST, Damjan Krstajic <dkrstajic at hotmail.com> wrote:
>Thank you Charles Berry for your kind reply. I don't see anything wrong
>with the word "struggling". I have spent several hours trying various R
>packages like kernlab and GPfit to use GP to create a binary
>classification model which produces a prediction interval for each
>sample. I have been struggling because with all of them you may create
>a GP classification model but it only produces a single prediction
>probability, and not a prediction interval of probabilities. Packages
>that I have tried may provide a prediction interval for regression but
>not for binary classification.
>You mention "The Gaussian Processes Web Site", have you checked how
>many R packages are listed there?
>I have been coding in R for more than a decade and contact r-help when
>I am struggling (I don't see anything wrong with this word) to find a
>solution in R. Replies like "Google it!" are below my level of my
>communication and understanding of others.
>Best wishes
>From: Berry, Charles <ccberry at ucsd.edu>
>Sent: 11 December 2017 17:04
>To: Damjan Krstajic
>Cc: Bert Gunter; r-help at r-project.org
>Subject: Re: Gaussian Process Classification R packages
>> On Dec 11, 2017, at 8:06 AM, Damjan Krstajic <dkrstajic at hotmail.com>
>> I have kindly asked for help and I am sad to receive such a reply
>from some on the r-help list.
>Well, you only said you were `struggling' to find a package.
>Bert may well have done the Google search himself and found numerous
>resources on such models including links to R (as I did, see below). 
>If so, his response seems quite natural.
>Perhaps, you need to say what is wrong with the hits you got and the
>packages that they describe to keep a potential response from running
>in the wrong direction. Perhaps, you have misunderstood the
>capabilities of a package or failed to grasp an inobvious way to use
>the package to reach your goal.  In any case, providing some background
>of why you think the obvious leads do not work in your case can be
>Doing that search myself I see links to R packages, R functions, and to
>"The Gaussian Processes Web Site" which has a table of possibly
>relevant softwares.  It seems like there is a lot there to digest.
>> I did google it prior to sending my request, and I could not find any
>R package which provides GP classification model which produces
>prediction intervals for each sample. I would be grateful if anybody
>could inform me about it. Thank you.
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>> From: Bert Gunter <bgunter.4567 at gmail.com>
>> Sent: 11 December 2017 15:50
>> To: Damjan Krstajic
>> Cc: r-help at r-project.org
>> Subject: Re: [R] Gaussian Process Classification R packages
>> Google it!
>> "R Gaussian process model binary classification."
>> Cheers,
>> Bert
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