[R] Researches about using R in economic educational purposes - ask for help / cooperation.

Mateusz Kopyt mkopyt at wne.uw.edu.pl
Tue Sep 27 17:37:34 CEST 2016

Dear All,

first of all I'd like to say hello to everybody because it is my first 
post on the list.

I'm the academic teacher (Ph.D) at University of Warsaw, Faculty of 
Economic Sciences and I've been using R for a couple of years during my 
classes and in my scientific work. I'm not the only one person at my 
Faculty who uses R during classes. Except teaching, with my colleague dr 
Tomasz Kopczewski, we also conduct some research in the field of 
economic education. Recently we are working on analyzing of usefulness 
of studying programming / coding in different software (mostly Maxima an 
R-cran) in economic education. In simple words: is it worth of teaching 
and learning coding during studies of economics (but strictly for the 
economic purposes not coding per se)? From the practical point of  view 
the results of our research may help to study and learn R (or Maxima) 
language more effectively (we want to find the minimal set of commands, 
functions which is necessary and enough to teach economics, finance)

To achieve our goals in above mentioned research we are trying - just to 
give you an idea - to analyze R (and Maxima) codes / files used in 
economic education mostly on university level, but may also be on 
secondary school level, with some tools and methods used in linguistic 
analyses (quite often done to analyze foreign natural language 
studying). It means we want to build something what is similar to the 
language corpus for R'dialect' used in economic purposes and then as a 
result to get for example a WordCloud, check this 'dialect' in the light 
of Zipf law etc. To do this  we urgently need a lot of R codes used in 
teaching economics. That's why we decided to ask you for help. If you 
teach economics, finance etc. and you may provide us your files with R 
codes, it would be a great help. We may promise that we never publish 
them or use your codes in other purpose than to conduct above mentioned 
research. As 'a reward' we provide you with our findings and results and 
also we can share with you tools (written in R-cran software - so we 
analyze R with R :) ) which we develop, so you will be able to use them 
later over your files.

Except help with building R economic language corpus, feel free to make 
any comments and if you like - to cooperate with us (if you are also 
interested in this issue). Any time you may contact me 
(mkopyt at wne.uw.edu.pl) or Tomasz Kopczewski (tkopczewski at wne.uw.edu.pl) 
by mail.

Sorry for such long post but we wanted to give you at least an idea of 
our research and purpose we are asking for help.
Best regards
Mateusz Kopyt
Faculty of Economic Sciences
University of Warsaw

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