[R] add outlier in data set

Muhammad Kashif mkashif at uaf.edu.pk
Mon Sep 19 14:09:31 CEST 2016

dear r users

I have one question that how we add one or more outliers in the data set.

For example if we generate data set from Weibull distribution using function

k<-rweibull(n, shape=2.5, scale = 1.3)

the output is

> k
 [1] 0.6507619 0.6229385 1.6838931 1.1661324 0.4907947 1.3416666 0.9536739 0.9368029 1.1992996
[10] 0.8401084

now i want to add outlier in the output of the values.

In simple words i want to generate a data set and then i add one or two outlier in that data set.

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