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Stefano Sofia stefano.sofia at regione.marche.it
Mon Sep 12 16:19:40 CEST 2016

Thank you to Sarah Goslee and Ivan Calandra for their exhaustive explanations.

About Ivan Calandra's suggestion to put data in the right format adding a column "station" with values being
either RM or RT, I would ask Ivan if he means to divide the initial data frame into two data frames, one for RM and one for RT.
If this is the case, then I would find a way to link the two data frames, and this might not be the most efficient solution. But likely I miss the true meaning of the comment.

Thank you

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> Hi Stefano,
> I agree that this behavior of R can be somewhat counter-intuitive, but
> this can be seen as a safety procedure, so that no assumptions are made
> and problems can be easily identified.
> I would think that in this case, the input data is in the wrong format.
> Half the columns are for RM and the other for RT, but the headers are
> exactly the same. The problem then happens because you actually have
> only 3 lines of data for station RT but 4 for station RM. So it is
> filled with NA.
> IMHO, it would be better to add a column "station" with values being
> either RM or RT. In that case, you would not have whole NA lines. And
> you would have less columns to work with. See what I mean?
> By the way, I like the matrix method for subsetting a data.frame, I find
> it easier and more flexible (maybe someone will tell if there are any
> drawbacks):
> Storia_RM_RT[Storia_RM_RT$Station_RT==112, "Test_20151231"]
> HTH,
> Ivan
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> Original Message:
> Dear R users,
> I have a data frame with 22 columns, called Storia_RM_RT. Here the first 4 rows:
> Station_RM Sensor_RM Place_RM Y_init_RM M_init_RM D_init_RM Long_cent_RM Lat_cent_RM Height_RM Continues Station_RT Sensor_RT Place_RT Name1_RT Name2_RT Long_cent_RT Lat_cent_RT Height_RT Actual_net Notes
> Test_20141231 Test_20151231
> 1400 2701 Novafeltria 1959 1 1 12.289552 43.890057 293 NO NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA CAE NA NO NO
> 1460 2702 Carpegna 1963 1 1 12.332614 43.778107 748 SI 702 2954 Carpegna Carpegna Carpegna 12.340618 43.780575 715 RT NA NO NO
> 1500 2703 Pesaro 1957 1 1 12.909822 43.910889 11 SI 112 1229 Pesaro Villa_Fastiggi Villa_Fastiggi 12.86939 43.890610 22 RT NA YES YES
> 1520 2704 Fano 1957 1 1 13.017591 43.840054 4 SI 152 2671 Fano Foce_Metauro Metaurilia 13.053796 43.826328 7.12 RT NA YES YES
> I load it with
> Storia_RM_RT <- read.table(file="Storia_RM_RT.txt", header = TRUE, sep=" ", dec = ".", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
> print(Storia_RM_RT$Test_20151231[Storia_RM_RT$Station_RM == 1500]) gives
> [1] "YES"
> while
> print(Storia_RM_RT$Omogenea_20151231[Storia_RM_RT$Station_RT == 112]) gives
> [1] NA   "YES"
> I am struggling to understand why the query through the field Station_RT does not work.
> Could please somebody help me to manage correctly the missing values? Is the mistake somewhere else?
> Thank you
> Stefano Sofia


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