[R] Apply a multi-variable function to a vector

Steve Kennedy SKennedy at AnikaTherapeutics.com
Fri Sep 9 21:44:52 CEST 2016


I would like to define an arbitrary function of an arbitrary number of variables, for example, for 2 variables:

func2 <- function(time, temp) time + temp

I'd like to keep variable names that have a meaning in the problem (time and temperature above).

If I have a vector of values for these variables, for example in the 2-d case, c(10, 121), I'd like to apply my function (in this case func2) and obtain the result. Conceptually, something like,




Is there a simple way to accomplish this, for an arbitrary number of variables?  I'd like something that would simply work from the definition of the function.  If that is possible.


Steve Kennedy

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