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Following up on this thread, I went with ubuntu.  All is good....

Many thanks for your responses,


On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 9:54 AM, Leonardo Fontenelle <
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> Em Sex 10 jun. 2016, às 03:58, Rainer M Krug escreveu:
> > Clint Bowman <clint at ecy.wa.gov> writes:
> >
> > I am really wondering, why nobody mentioned Ubuntu so far?
> >
> > Ubuntu is a really nice distro, I never had problems with it, many
> > programs are available for Ubuntu, and it is build on Debian
> > (stable). Don't worry about Unity Window manager - there are many other
> > options available (Xubuntu being one of the better known ones - Ubuntu
> > just packed with a different Windows Manager).
> >
> > If you are new to Linux, I would really suggest Ubuntu.
> I believe any major Linux distribution will provide decent support for
> R, and I agree there are plenty of reasons for preferring Ubuntu or
> other Linux distributions over Arch Linux. The reason why I suggested
> Arch Linux was how up to date the package is, because that was the
> motivation of the original post.
> R 3.3.0 was released by the R Core Team on 2016-05-03, and on 2016-05-04
> it was available in Arch Linux's "testing" repository. On 2016-05-17,
> after at least one week with no (packaging) bug reports, the package was
> moved to the "extra". This is the usual rhythm. Don't be fooled by the
> repository name, it is the repository for popular software like Firefox,
> GNOME and LibreOffice, and it is maintained by official Arch Linux
> developers / package maintainers.
> Hope that helps,
> Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle

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