[R] R-specific Software Requirement Specification

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Sep 8 16:15:13 CEST 2016

devtools::document() is meant to be used within an R **package**, not 
for a standalone file.
Try devtools::create() first.

But at any rate, roxygen format seems to answer your question about how 
to describe the
specifications for a collection of functions written by different 
people.  Translation to .Rd
is not essential for this purpose.

Create a package, put it on github, and away you go.

On 9/8/2016 9:53 AM, Doran, Harold wrote:
> Then from the R workspace I try
>> >document()
> Error: Could not find package root.
> And also
>> >document('path\\to\\file\\test.R')
> And gives same error

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