[R] hello i have a question on music analysis and mathematical synthesis related to r code

darth brando darth.brando6 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:57:09 CEST 2016

Apologies for the long title but it is semi specific a topic and yes I am a noobs user to the system. I have read the guide and will attempt to adhere to the guide in this process and I do apologize in advance if I fail to do so, this is my first time here.

To the point; firstly version:

I have windows 7 64 bit OS, I'm going to be working with most current up to date version of R code for that OS with optional plug ins as needed, I am going to be using R code in conjunction with Fruity Loop Studio, dosbox/visual studio, and both synthesizer plug ins for Fruity Loop Studio and a physical soundblaster sound card in my alienware 15 2015 version as well as possibly a few emulator or OS instances for retro hardware to experiment with. Its a lot of software to take in yea, some I know by heart others like R Code I am a noob at. 

Now that the toolbox of software is out of the way; my Question:

Music is largely mathematically based, R Code is perfect for analyzing very large sets of data, naturally I saw some potential and wondered about the specifics of the type of application which follows.

I wish to use R Code to analyze portions of my personal library of music in order to discover the main sets of underlying patterns within that portion of my music library. I then wish to utilize patterns discovered to create a program which using proper algorithms set to those patterns to digitally synthesize music which conforms to those patterns but that would create said music automatically and potentially non stop; as in it does not stop writing the music and playing it until you turn it off. However; I do not wish this program to create a few tracks and play it on a loop, yes due to the patterns and the algorithms, certain bars and phrases will inevitably repeat but that doesn't mean just loop the same X amount of minutes.

Before I fall off tangent and go into semantics, I am asking help as;

The Music Genome Project
and Sony's musical mood auto playlist generator

are similar to this underlying theme but have gone down the road of separate applications and to the most important part:

I do not wish to infringe or plagiarize or violate copyright or IP on others said similar themed projects/products. 

my idea;

use themes and patterns present in a selection of music to then create a potentially infinite and unique mathematical auto play of algorithmically and digitally created music  

what I need help with;

inputting a large data set of audio files into an R Code application for pattern and algorithm analysis with out infringing on open, finished or ongoing projects.

I do not need help with porting the algorithm and pattern generator to an audio synthesis program--> that I  am familiar with how to do. 

I do not need help with making the end result potentially infinitely continued computation of algorithms within the found and set pattern parameters---> that I also know how to do.

I apologize for the long message and it's redundancies, it is simply my first time here and I wanted to be thorough.

Thank You for Reading!

Any advice on this will be supremely appreciated! 

---Darth Brando 

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