[R] Seasonal package: "Error in x[[2]] : subscript out of bounds"

Juan Ceccarelli Arias jfca283 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 16:51:30 CEST 2016

Im running X13 with the seasonal package. However, in some series i get
this error after specifying the x11 options:

so_1=seas(o_1, x11="",transform.function ="log",arima.model="([3] 1 1)(1 1
0)", x11.seasonalma="S3x5",x11.trendma=13)
Error in x[[2]] : subscript out of bounds

I have four series with almost the same code. Only in one of them the
process is applied correctly.  If i type so_1, i see this:

Error: object 'so_1' not found

The series that im working with are declared as time series. I mean, all of
them look exactly the same if i do a simple View(cbind(series1,
Can some one guide me ?
Thanks for your time and interest.

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