[R] evaluating expressions as R console

Bert Gunter bgunter.4567 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 01:52:38 CEST 2016

You might want to look at the "evaluate" package.

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On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 4:47 PM, Adrian Dușa <dusa.adrian at unibuc.ro> wrote:
> Dear R users,
> I am trying to simulate a pseudo R console, evaluating commands. This is a
> simple example of a series of command lines which get evaluated:
> foo <- function(x) {
>     print(x)
> }
> print)foo)
> foo(2)
> If I copied and pasted this example in an R console, this is the result to
> replicate (and the benchmark to compare everything else):
>> foo <- function(x) {
> +     print(x)
> + }
>> print)foo)
> Error: unexpected ')' in "print)"
>> foo(2)
> [1] 2
> The trouble I'm having is to reproduce this exact output, by evaluating the
> chunk of code. I tried both Rscript and littler, but I am unable to
> reproduce this.
> I had some success via:
> R CMD BATCH -q foo.R
> (saving the chunk to a file called foo.R), which only works until the first
> error appears. I can run it again on the subsequent command(s) after the
> error, but the function foo(), which in a normal R console gets created
> without any error, doesn't get preserved on the next run.
> I also had some limited success with:
> source("foo.R", echo = TRUE, keep.source = TRUE)
> But the error message is different, and the first 4 lines are not echo-ed.
> source() works pretty well if there are no errors, but otherwise I get the
> same result as R CMD BATCH, namely only the error is displayed and the
> function foo() doesn't get created in the current environment.
> I would rather use source() than R CMD BATCH, due to specific environments
> where the chunk should be evaluated in (not impossible, but inconvenient to
> save environments and load them back in the R CMD BATCH).
> Was also curious about knitr and pander, but again unable to replicate the
> results in the real R console.
> After many hours of searching, reading and testing, I would be grateful for
> any hint.
> Thank you in advance,
> Adrian
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