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Elham - ed_isfahani at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 20:22:10 CET 2016

hello all,I am following this link http://genomicsclass.github.io/book/pages/GEOquery.html for importing data.but I have a problem in a step of (Access GSE Data Tables from GEO).in the example of tutorial there are 266 samples,but by this function
dim(pData(gse[[1]]))head(pData(gse[[1]])[, 1:3])                                                                            the result in R is:

> dim(pData(gse[[1]]))[1] 266  47> head(pData(gse[[1]])[, 1:3])          title geo_accession                statusGSM540108   BC1     GSM540108 Public on May 05 2010GSM540109   BC2     GSM540109 Public on May 05 2010GSM540110   BC3     GSM540110 Public on May 05 2010GSM540111   BC4     GSM540111 Public on May 05 2010GSM540112   BC5     GSM540112 Public on May 05 2010GSM540113   BC6     GSM540113 Public on May 05 2010
where is another samples? 
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