[R] about data format in R

lily li chocold12 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 18:40:37 CET 2016

Hi R users,

I'm trying to read in data, and then plot time series data. However, I have
some problems. In my dataset, the first column represents time, and in the
mm/dd/yyyy-hr:min:sec; For example, 10/01/1995-00:00:00,
10/01/1995-06:00:00, etc.

           date                    evap     precip    intercept
10/01/1995-00:00:00       1.5          2            0.2
10/01/1995-12:00:00       1.7          2.2         0.1
10/02/1995-00:00:00       1.5          1.8         0.3

My code is like this
file1 = read.table('df', head=T)

When I read in data, I found that it read incorrectly. How to format when
read in data? Thanks.

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