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> Just a very brief footnote.
> I is easy to write badly structured spreadsheets.
> But if people dong this would not have spreadsheets
> and be forded to write code, they probably also
> would write badly structured code.

​Very true. ​There is a very old quote: "You can write FORTRAN in any
language." Basically FORTRAN was, I think, the very first "high level"
language (1957 - COBOL was in 1959) and it had very poor (NO) structuring.
Coding it in is much like writing a bad mathematical proof (yes, I know
FORTRAN). When better languages came along, the original programmers wrote
code in the "if it were only FORTRAN" mode.

ref: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Fortran

> There is a lot of bad R code around also!

Heisenberg may have been here.


Maranatha! <><
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